We are a private group of Christian families who homeschool, meeting together to encourage and strengthen homeschool families, form friendships, and build a sense of community. This group collectively provides an opportunity for our children to participate in educational activities with Christian peers in a group setting. As our activities do not exist to take the place of a full-time curriculum, each family is responsible for ensuring that their children follow an established curriculum according to the laws of their country and to the satisfaction of the Belgian authorities.


What We Believe


We believe in the triune God, composed of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus came to earth, died, was buried, and rose again. We believe in salvation through faith alone in God.


John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.


*If these are not your personal beliefs, please respect our faith and ensure your interactions with the children in teaching / assisting are not in contradiction to these beliefs.




Procedure to join BCHC:


  1. Your family must be actively homeschooling in order to join BCHC.
  2. Submit an application. (Emailed by the membership coordinator).
  3. Read and sign the Handbook. Submit a signed copy to the membership coordinator.


Once accepted as a member:


  • Pay dues. (Dues are for facility use and supplies. The facility amount is €30 per family. Occasionally there are fees required for a class that your child is taking to accommodate supplies purchased.)
  • You will be added to BCHC’s group email and calendar.
  • Attend regularly.
  • Join in and/or lead in any group activities.


Guidelines, Policies, and Procedures



Brussels Christian Homeschool Co-op (BCHC) meets every other week on Thursdays from 12:30-3:30. We have 2 semesters in a school year, which runs from September to March. Each semester contains 5 weeks of classes. We provide two class periods. Classes offered are based on what parents volunteer to teach each semester. Parents are involved in the classes either teaching or assisting. We end each day with a brief time to visit with each other. Before we leave the campus, we all participate in cleaning up the facilities. 


Other activities that we provide throughout the year include, but are not limited to: field trips, Christmas and End-of-the-Year parties, Moms’ Night Out, and Presentation Day.


Note about language:


Because we provide a ministry to English-speaking homeschoolers, the homeschool parent and their child(ren) must be able to speak and understand English with no assistance in order to attend. This allows the parent/child to have the maximum benefit of attending co-op, and supports an environment beneficial to the group as a whole.


Families with children 0-4 years:


Your oldest child must be 5 years old by September 1st, and you must be actively homeschooling in order for your family to join BCHC. Younger siblings are provided child care at co-op and may participate in classes when provided.


Parent Responsibilities:


  1. Participation - Each family must have a parent actively participating in co-op in order for the children to attend. Each parent should be willing and able to teach a class each block.
  2. Timeliness – Others are depending on you and your children, so please be on time. When the class starts, the doors will close and late students may not enter until the class session is completed.
  3. On site presence – Parents must be on site at all times during co-op hours. Your children may not attend if you are not there.
  4. Discipline - We seek to provide a calm and encouraging atmosphere for our children and any disruptions or discipline issues are solely the responsibility of the parent.  Parents should be aware of the support that their child may need within activities and, if necessary, be present in the room when needed.
  5. Be prepared – Make sure your child is prepared for classes with supplies and completed assignments.
  6. Absence – If a parent (and their children) is unable to attend co-op, it is the parent’s responsibility to ask another member to assume her responsibilities at least 48 hours in advance. In the event of sudden illness or other emergency, contact another member from the roster.
  7. Illness – Please do not bring sick children to class. Even if your other child/children are well, please stay home until all family members are back to full health. If you are able to make child care arrangements for your sick child, you may attend co-op with your other well child(ren).


Student Responsibilities:


  1. Respect the authority in your classes – Show respect for the time and effort each teacher has put into your class by displaying a willing, cooperative spirit.
  2. Be prepared – Bring supplies and completed assignments to class.
  3. Participation – Active participation in all classes is required. This is particularly important during Physical Education, to include outdoor games/exercises.
  4. Take care of the facilities – Respect the property of the church and help take care of the facilities.
  5. Dress appropriately – Dress in a way that is modest and appropriate.
  6. No electronic devices during class sessions except for educational purposes. (cell phones, iPods, game systems)


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